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I ordered a TV from Dell Store on line, they said they couldn't deliver it on time , they were out of stock. I could cancel the order or wait.

I immediatly cancelled the order. Within twenty minutes they confirmed my cancellation with an email. A week later a local shipping company called to say the TV was in town, when could they deliver. I was out of town for a month, I had cancelled the order, no one was home to receive it.

I told them to send it back. For six months I received harassing phone calls twice a day, 7 days a week from Bombay India, telling me I owed for the TV. I explained to them 100 times what happened, wrote letters to main office in Texas relular. They promised to stop the calls and straighten out their mess, they never did.

After 5 months I got a letter saying I didn't owe anything but $191.00 in sales tax! Then they increased the phone calls for the tax on something I didn't buy. The people in Bombay have no authority, they are like robots, you explain you didn't buy anthing, they say yes, and start their preprogrammed spiel all over again. Zombies.

Never buy anything from Dell Financial!!

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