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Dell has charged back over $780.00 in deferred finance charges after the promotional period runs out when you still have a balance. Which you cannot pay-off through the normal payment options. They put most of your payment torward other purchases then the promotional plan balance get the smaller of the payment split.

Isn't this illegal? Now I owe finance charges on finance charges. You should only pay finance charges on the remaining balance.

When I called to complain with Dell, they only offered $75.00 to keep me quiet when I said I will start/join a class-action lawsuite about this deceptive practice.

Clearly a bait and switch tactic.

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Dell *** me too with deferred interest charge. How is going with the law suite?


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :( :cry


Dell screwed me to with this finance charge. I had a balance of 964 bucks left and have always paid my monthly payments. Then in the month of Oct they said that If I do don't pay the whole balance of 964 dollars for the moth of October that an addition 350 bucks will be added to my balance.


hyep dell f*cked me the same way. Dell sucks a$$


I take it this is your first credit account, Deferred finance charges mean that if you do not pay the balance in full by the end of the promotional date you will be charged accrued interest. Pay cash if you don't want to pay interest.

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