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My husband and I purchased a Dell roduct for $5500 in Aug 2004.

After making 14 months of $200payments, we called to close our account.

We told the person on the phone that we wanted to close the account and they gave us a figure of $4800.

Without thinking twice since interest was over 25%, we processed a check for the amount over the phone.

That was December 2005. We recently received a bill for $440.06.

When we called to inquire what this was for, we were informed that the $4800 was cut into monthly payments

and the interest was still accumulating. I searched the internet and found where the payments were made.

No where in the limited statements online did I see the Payoff amount being paid.

We have fought with the customer service people for a week now.

Its getting to the point to where I am going to contact an attorney.

If they had posted the payoff amount like we had asked the account would be closed.

But they took it upon themselves to split the money into 2 years of payments just to receive the interest.

After all the run around we received, it seems they were charging about 85% INTEREST.

I advise all who read this to think twice and then still go somewhere else to get a computer.

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Port Sudan, Red Sea, Sudan #25604

i totally agree with you. Dell Financial has some pretty crazy ideas on how their customers should be treated.

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