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I will NEVER purchase anything from this company EVER. I have had on two different occasions set up payments over the phone.

I was charged not only for the pymt I promised but extra and then was told they could do nothing about it. Another time I cancelled a pymt that was scheduled and it was taken out of my acct. anyway. DO NOT TRUST this company.

For a company as large as Dell, it is very hard to find a represenative to speak with that you can understand and that is very frustrating to me.

I highly recommend not purchasing from DELL. Save yourself a huge headache.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I have a loan through Dell Financial Services for a laptop purchase and have been paying monthly, the payment has come out of my bank this month but I have also received an 'invoice' in the post from Dell Financial Services in Ireland asking me to make a bacs payment. Is this a scam and if so where did they get my details?


I have bought two computers and a camera from Dell in the past,I had a 7K credit limit with them.I had paid off my past accounts ahead of schedule and never had a problem with until this.In March of 2010 I purchased a laptop and put it on my preferred account.At that time I corrected my address with them,again,as I had done in 2007.In April i called Customer no service and stated that I had not received a billing,said they would take care of it,Called again in May and June with the same comment made. In Sept. i received a notice from my credit watcher that my credit score had been lowered due to a negative report from Dell.I called Dell and guess what they still had not changed the address and were sending billings to my former address.I was put in touch with Dell financial for the first time and was made out to be a dead beat and thief even after explaining that the problem was theirs in not sending the bills to the correct address.Finally someone agreed to to *** the late charges if I made a payment by phone,I said OK just this one time.They refused to contact the credit agency to straighten the negative out,so I made a dispute to them.I also contacted my Credit Union and made a stop on all new charges that Dell may try to make on my account(and it's a good thing I did)Finally today received my first billing(whoppee!!)and you can bet that I will pay this off quick before I incur any of the high interest charges.But they are very irresponsible when the blame is on them.I'll look else where for my next computer purchases

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