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I got a computer through Dell financial services. I lived out of town at the time so used my friends name and address. Dell had my SIN number, my bank info, and my email address. I find out 2 months later that somehow Dell said that its not under my credit but my friends

After dealing with that situation I got an email from Dell saying its under me and that its not a problem. A few months later Dell phones my friend cause I missed a payment. They told him its under his credit and to go to the police and file a fraud report because I used his SIN number and agreed to put it under his credit because I was declined. Even tho After I got the computer, I bought a car, got a $1000 credit card and a $3000 loan from my bank because of my "Amazing credit for someone my age"

Long story short Dell said they fixed the problem but didn't, refuse to do anything about it and after countless calls and emails there only solution for there screw up is to have fraud charges pressed against me. Apparantly my friends credit is screwed because of this and he can't get anything on credit because of the balance on the computer. If Dell would have said they didn't fix the problem, I could of found a way to pay this off ASAP. And not have him go to the cops to file a fraud report so his credit can go back to normal. Frustrating.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I stated beware of Dell they are thiefs and liars Stop Buying DELL


I was cheated by Dell Financial Services for a part (Laptop Battery) that I ordered in May 2008. The customer service representative asked me to switch over to the Dell Financial Services asked me to open up a credit account to get a better deal.

However, I did not receive the product and was charged for it. Also, I got a letter from Dell stating that I have a problem in my account for which the services have been declined. The Dell debt collection department kept on harassing me to pay back the money owned without spending time with me with respect to find out why I didn't receive the part. They kept on calling me with black calls from India.

Finally, I decided to pay back the amount owned along with the penalty to get rid of Dell. I have been quite surprised to know that I am not unique here.

NY state has filled a case against Dell for cheating customers by not providing them the promised services. I will not buy a product from this company any more.

Port Sudan, Red Sea, Sudan #25605

I was told by a Dell agent that they not only go by your SSN, but also your telephone number and address. So if someone else had your number or rented the apartment before, and dealt with Dell, they could mix that up.

I was that I was also known as "Dorothy" but I am a man.

Fortunately for me, I knew that Dorothy, because she was the tenant before me. Dell is a tech company, but it seems they are using pencils at Financial services.

Horton, Alabama, United States #12492

Wow, sounds like you should talk to the credit card companies....if you are paying your bills, your friends credit would be flawless. Sounds like a big conspiracy.

Maybe if you didn't do so much Smmmmokin you would have remembered to pay the bill

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia #12487

The only way it would be under your friends SIN is if you gave it to them. Ya, Dell is out to hose you over....sounds like you need to deal with your credit your bills on time and there aren't issues.

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