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I recently added memory to my DELL computer. It was suggested that I use my DELL Preferred Customer Financial Account to buy the memory by the DELL rep. I did and that was a mistake.

My first bill through the mail included a threat of turning the $100 charge into a credit collection agency and a $11 service/late fee. It took me an hour to finally get to the DFS to pay the account off and then another hour to get to the right people to cancel the account and inform them I would never buy DELL products again.

The kicker was when I told them I wanted to pay the account off they tried to charge me a fee to pay the account off over the phone. I quickly told them to forget it and not to charge anything to my credit card. Needless to say they backed off the fee and made it seem like they were doing me a favor for allowing me to pay the bill off. That $11 will cost them any future computer products I buy and computer purchases from anyone else I can convince NOT to buy DELL products in the future.

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