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I got a call from Dell Financial Services 5 WEEKS ago & they DEMANDED I give my bank account number. I was confused & said I HAVE NO ACCOUNT with you & I'd NEVER give financial information over the phone anyway! I told them NOT to call again but representative was VERY RUDE & INSISTED I give them banking info. I suspected it was a scam, so I said, "If I have a billing account with you,what is my account number? and there was SILENCE, so I said, THIS IS A SCAM and I hung up.

I searched the Internet & Dell Financial is guilty of MANY SCAMS & FRAUD


They make billing mistakes CONSTANTLY & SCAM innocent people.

To date, they have called me over 90 times in the past MONTH but never leave a message & I WANT THE HARASSMENT TO STOP !!

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It's not Dell Financial Services that is bothering you. It's a scam artist pretending to be from Dell Financial Services.

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