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I have a Dell business account, and had no major problems. Then, I opened up a Dell "Preferred" account. I was not able to buy anything with that account. Then I called the company, and I was told there was some information that they could not verify (hello!!!! I have a business account with the same freaking SSN, and you guys were happy with that account).

Well, so far it's only the typical corporate BS. What happened next was stunning. When I asked what was wrong and how i was supposed to fix it, I was told that I, the account owner, was not entitled to my personal information. When I told them that I wanted to close my accounts, both personal and business, guess what they told me: "you are not allowed to close your account."

I don't know what get into their head, but they need to do some reality check before telling their customers that they are not entitled to their own information.

I submitted a complaint to the BBB. If that does not solve the problem, I think I need to send a complaint to FTC. After all, there is an open account on my credit report from Dell, and I can't even close it? What a load of BS.

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