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I have purchased and been happy with at least 4 computers from Dell. I had paid off all but the newest one when I was laid off last year.

I tried to keep up with my payments but Dell raised my APR to 29.99%. I called today to make payment arrangements, only to be told by some lady in India that, "Dell doesn't do that."

I am trying to do the right thing here but they are making it difficult, if not impossible. Dell Financial has convinced me to never buy another Dell computer - ever - and I will tell everyone I know about my experience.

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I have a similar situation. 8 years with DFS, multiple computers, and other electronics.

Lost my job last year. Got on a debt management plan with consumer credit counseling. Dell is my only creditor who refused to work with the consumer credit counseling agency. They also refuse to work with me.

I explained my situation before it got behind and offered them a settlement. They ignored my offer. When bill got behind as I knew and told them it would because I had to keep my utilities on, they even refused to let me on their 6 month hardship program. They have a gazillion departments that appear to be completely separate from each other, and my file bounces from department to department.

Dealing with Dell is the suck! Once I get them paid off and get back on my feet, they will never get another dime of my money.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #145149

I am sure that if the man was laid off, and Dell is reporting his late history, that the man is unable to refinance anything.

I understand the catch 20 here and so should everyone else, including Dell. They are not going to get a payment in full from a refinance because their adverse credit rating is not preventing that.

to Saraso #1052374

I will never spend 1 more penny with Dell and their 29% interest rate once I have them paid off and will tell everyone about the *** they sell...


I don't know what your balance owed is or your credit history. Sounds like you perhaps missed one payment and they jacked your interest rate because of it to the 'default APR' of 29.99%

If you are able pay it off in full, thats your best bet, as that interest rate is absurd! If you don't have the means to do that, perhaps you could refinance the money owed at a lower APR I would go that route.

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