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Dell sucks, that much is obvious! So many web sites devoted to complaints about Dell, and lousy service, sub par equipment.

My story, bought my dell desk top a few years back, was promised 300.00 rebate. read all the details carefully, had them repeat back to me several times that yes I did qualify for the rebate. all I had to do was to send in receipt and label from the box. Low and behold they sell the rebates to a rip off company that pays them pennies on the dollar, knowing they won't be actually refunding very many of those rebates, this has to be illegal!

So of course you do send in all that *** and get nothing, you repeat the process and still no 300.00. you cal dell and they say they don't owe you a cent, XYZ company owes you and you are just s*#@ out of luck.

I tried several times to get my rebate from bogus company, like talking to a wall. they tell you it was lost, they tell you to try again, they tell you, you were not eligible for rebate.

every time they tell you a different story, all meant to just stall you and *** you off. only way to collect is to get a freakin lawyer. so they never pay. Dell says they are not responsible, which is a load of ***.

Dell sucks! Will never buy another dell product for as long as I live, dell the rip off company!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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