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I have a business lease through Dell Financial Services for a company I no longer work for. I was late on some payments and they repeatedly called multiple times a day from different numbers.

They would call from unknown numbers, when I blocked those they started calling from other phone numbers. They just continually harassed me to pay this measely couple of hundred dollar bill. They would call upwards of 8 times a day every single day.

Dell Financial can go *** themselves, I'm never using their company again. To call somebody 8 times day for a bill is a joke.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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If it is a measly couple hundred dollars why didn't you just pay it? You DO undersstand that when you have ANY line of credit (and DFS is just like a credit card) that is delinquent, they do have the right to hire a collection agency to call you.

And yes, it is legal for them to call from the hours of 8am to 9pm. Even if the rep identifies themself as DFS they are a collection agency that is working internally for DFS. And when your account hits 60 days thats when your account goes to 3rd party collections. When you block a number a collection agency WILL contact every number you have on your credit report, plus neighbors and relatives to get a good number for you.

Also, if you are late on a DFS bill TRUST me you are paying a high *** interest rate probablly at 30% and you are getting 39.00 late fees for a "measly couple hundred"...lol.

How do I know this? I work for collections for DFS...while it's highly annoying to have a collection agency call you all day it really could just be resolved if you just answer the phone and speak to them, set up a payment, or send a cease and (they can only call you until they make contact..once they speak to you legally that cannot call you anymore that day) disist letter to the collection agency.

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